Kwikstep Overview:

Does the idea of a “One Size Fits All” music lesson sound boring? How could a person’s music needs be satisfied with this approach. The Kwikstep method specifically targets the individual. Level of interest, type of music and ability are all extremely important in attaining the best possible results. I have not even mentioned what I consider to be the single most essential ingredient in gaining  the greatest success. Confidence is paramount in achieving a winning attitude! 

The first step in encouraging confidence is to diminish any amount of anxiety or lack of confidence the student may have. When a student or parent of a student tells me they’ve never played before, my response is “That’s The Best Thing You’ve Got Going For you”. I suggest that any student relax and do what comes naturally. Take advantage of my three decades of experience and relaxing approach. I enjoy dealing creatively overcoming  any potential difficulties a student may encounter. So relax and enjoy. Learning music is a BLAST!!!   

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